hey guys,

been playing bass for a bout a year or so now
and looking to get into some bass effects.
I was wondering what i could use to get funky effects ect.

I've got a BassBalls and a Big Muff by EHX.

A fuzz is really good for getting heavy sounds outta your bass. You can even get a decent square wave sound that is great for synth sounding stuff.

The Bass Balls just funks everything up to another level. great pedal.
My Gear :

Squier '51 (Dimarzio PAF Pro) (10-52s)
Roland Cube 15
Behringer X-V-Amp
Digitech Bad Monkey
BOSS DS-1 (modded)

Yamaha RBX270 (55-110s)
Behringer BXL900
EHX Bass Balls Pedal
EHX Big Muff Pi Pedal
my brother (a bassist) just bought an auto wah today, and he seems to really like it. i havent heard it yet cause i havent been home all day, but an auto wah does seem like the kinda thing you would use for a funky sounding bass line.

and then of course fuzz. cant go wrong with a fuzz on bass. if you dont want to buy one, i suggest you build the bazz fuss. cheap and simple to make. or go for a big muff, they are supposed to sound very nice with basses.