I was just kinda curious on how to defret a bass/guitar. Just a couple questions, if I can do it by myself I may consider it

1. How do you? Do you just hit them out with a small punch or something? Or take it to a music store, if so how much do they charge?
2. Do you have to do anything to the neck once you defretted it?
3. Do you have to fill where the frets once were?

Tell me anything else you know about defreting.
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1. Stewmac has nifty little fret pullers.
First you heat the frets with a soldering iron to loosen any glue, or wood oils, or whatever, and then you pull them with the fret pullers, or wire cutters or whatever you choose to use.

2. You will have to sand it, and keep the radius, so that the fretboard and whatever you filled the holes with are level. You will probably want to refinish the board with laquer or epoxy to protect the fretboard.

3. You can use epoxy to fill the gaps, or wood veneer, or even popsicle sticks.

There's some threads around documenting defretting. The one I would recommend you look through is one by a user named lespaulmarshall.
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