have you ever thought about life
and what you wanna do one day
or are you gonna throw it away
like they expect you to do
they say your life is like a book
it takes one person to open you up
and take a look
at whats inside your mind and soul
that makes you, you
you want a page turning story
a fairy tale ending
starting from the beginning
and ending with happy ever after
when you get tired of one day
just turn the page for a new day
you want a prince charming to come
and sweep you off of your feet
onto his big white horse
and gallop off into the sunset
only in books can you
turn the pages] end of chorus
This song has no pattern
just like your life
a mess of dreams
and a mess of thoughts
they lead you to cinderella
or maybe snow white
living in a cottage
or a gorgeous castle
away from the worries of life
Once upon a time in a far off place
lived a beautiful girl
who had a far off daze
you could see
clearly in her eyes
that she needs to get away
and taken to a land far far away
to live happily ever after with her prince
You can't escape life
so don't even try
just open your book
and finish writing your story
with a happy ending
and a far away starting

let me know what you think of it for a country/acoustic song!
I think It's pretty good. In my opinion you should check the songs rythym (or however it's written) and also some lines don't really rhyme like the "soul" line. Other than that I guess it's pretty good, messages pretty clear.
"you painted over it and drew it out for us to see, and after all this time you tell me that the reason that we came wasnt true and it was just a game"
I personally despise country, but I'll try to work around that. The rhyming isn't very good where you do have it, the flow isn't too great. I can see where you're going with it, just try to improve the flow of it.
Your head slowly caves in from the compression