i'm trying out for the jazz band at my school and someone said i wold have to sight read guitar, being a piano player as well, i'm familiar with notation but i realized guitars a it harder any tips on how to improve or make it a bit less hard.
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practice, doing scales up and down the neck, saying the notes you are playing out loud will help
Uh, if they're making you sight read, it's probably just chords. So you'll have a chord progression and stuff. If anything, you should get to learning 7th chords at least, if not more extended chords, and different voicings. If it goes beyond chords, it'll be a simple 2 to 4 bar phrase at most.
ya i know my 7ths you really think itll be mainly chords
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The guitar parts in my school band are mainly chords but occasionally there's a notated part, but not often.

Tips on sight reading on guitar are to learn all the notes on the fretboard, then learn which are equivalent notes, ie 5th fret on G string = 1st fret B string etc, then put where the note is on the stave with where the note is on the fretboard.
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Want to know how to play bass in jazz? Read this.
There's not really much to it other than practice... You'll internalise all the locations and recognise patterns etc as you do.
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this is my problem too, i can sight read to some extent, but I can't apply it easily to the guitar
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