So for this coming christmas i'm asking for a lot of effect pedals for my progressive-alternative band and I have a Peavey Windsor amp. I want to keep the amp's distortion to an small overdrive so i can access some cleans but i also want to add more distortion to it. Would a Big Muff sound good in front of it?
I can vouch for the Soctek BM. It's pretty awesome, deffinately a staple to my sound...

Also, the Blues Driver is a great pedal, and very important to my playing.
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i would think a big muff would sound good in front of your amp, but im not sure its exactly what you are looking for. i would think that your ts-9 would be more along the lines of what you want. turn the gain up and the level to where you want it and i would think thats all that you would really need. but hey, thats probably cause thats all i would want. if that isnt cutting it for you, then maybe a muff is the way to go.
make sure you play a big muff before buying one. I think of it has more of a "fuzz" maker than anything. It just turns everythign you play into a sheet of fuzz. I thought it would be more about distortion and sustain, like it said, but it was WAY to fuzzy for me. I thought I would love it, but I ended up hating it
OD pedals ftw! I might get a BYOC OD clone and a budda wah for xmas.
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Yeah, I actually really like the Fuzz on it I was just wondering if it would sound good over my amp if its already slightly distorted. The amp has just about no cleans. And I do have a TS-9 and I use that for some extra distortion, but I really want extra heavier fuzz like the Big Muff.
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