Hey, I really like the Fender Jazz bass body, but I'm a guitarist. I know this is a long shot and I doubt it, but could a guitar neck fit into a bass body. I think it would probably be too big anyway. Is there any company that makes this type of thing? Or does Warmoth or something do custom bodies?

Bass bodies are much bigger than guitar bodies, same with the necks. So you're answer would be... No.
Nup, wouldn't fit. Also would look weird with the short guitar neck . Your best bet is asking warmoth or something to build you a jazz body but of strat scale with a neck pocket that can fit the neck and whatever pickup routing. It would be expensive because you'd need to get a pickguard made and the metal plate machined, but it'd look awesome methinks!

EDIT: the jazzmaster and jaguar are pretty similar body shapes to the jazz bass.

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ive thought about this before too. it would have to be custom made, i fear.
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Its not exact but I can see a definite ressemblance. Youd need a custom pickguard though.



At least I think they look similar.
Just build a 34" baritone guitar. hahhaha
I love the jazz body shape too, and would definatly look into the brain child if Fender made one.
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Just build a 34" baritone guitar. hahhaha

35" would feel better imo, I don't know what scale jbasses are though lol...
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35" would feel better imo, I don't know what scale jbasses are though lol...

34" is the standard for any 4-string

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