Hey everyone. You might have already heard this song...but I JUST put the finished version up, which includes a few differences that make the song a lot better. Also, I changed the name of the song. Anyway, if you'd go to www.myspace.com/grantmcconnaughey and check out my new song "The Project" then that would be great. And please, let me know what you think about it.

awesome until it started changing at about 2mins i think? ... i didnt like that... (im sure you had ur reasons!) lol.
loved the way the guitar faded in at the start, that was sweet.
good on ya bro!

what hardware/software u use?

EDIT: listened to it again, and a few more times... and decided its the way it changes that i dont like... but i like it after that and the way it ends etc...WELL DONE!
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lol, thanks! i use this software i got from my boss called cool edit 2.0, it's kinda older but works quite well.
ok... i listened to it... again... hehe and its from 1.50 -- 2.30 i dont like... it just doesnt do it for me... after and b4 it is awesome tho!
what hardware u got?
the hardware is, um....a windows xp? i'm not entirely sure to be honest with you, lol.
oh, well, i plug everything into the back of my compy, lol. i use an epiphone dot electric guitar going to a boss ds-1 disortion pedal going to a line 6 pocket pod. for acoustic guitar i use my ibanez vo7 something going to an ART tube mp pre amp to the compy. for drums, piano, strings, synth, bass guitar, all of that, i use a yamaha ypg-625 going straight to the compy.