The Canadian dollar, having been less valuable than the American for years, it was completely reasonable that Canadian prices would be higher. Many products, books especially, have prices printed right on them. One American price and one Canadian, about three dollars higher. The Canadian dollar now having surpassed the American, we'd expect this to change. Alas, we'd be wrong. C.D.s, books and movies are usually printed for distribution in Canada. If they were all printed in the states, shipping costs would justify a higher pricer, but that's not the case. If I wanted to buy Let it Be from Amazon I'd have to pay $15.96 for an album printed in Canada and shipped within the country. If an American wanted to buy it, it'd be 13.99US. $15.96=16.27US.
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A few dollars more? Your kidding right?
A new release hardcover book at Chapters is $28 USD and 36 CAD even when the Canadian dollar is worth more then the USD, $1.01 if im correct.
Us Canadians are getting ripped off big time right now. Everything from electronics to clothing. I understand that buisnesses need time to adjust and see if the Canadian dollar stays that high up but still its BS.
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fellow canadians, we really just have to get used to it. Just cuz our dollar is more than the US doesnt mean prices on anything will go down. All it means is that somewhere along the line someone makes a bigger cut while we still get shafted....

Cynical? yes....true? yes......
did you think that instead of changing everything withing a month or so, they might just want to wait a little longer? they have no idea if the canadian dollar will stay that high. why take the chance that it could drop rapidly in the near future? they arent stupid.