I'm told that some guitar amplifiers have closed backs as opposed to being open and exposing the speaker. I'm told it improves the bass characteristics of the amp

I was wondering would it make any difference to the sound (for example improve bass response as sed above) if I were to take a piece of wood matching that of the amps material and close the back of my MG30 DFX
or is there sumin else about closed amps tht makes em special?

(A polite note: yes I know its crap so please dont waste my time with "mg's are crap" comments please)

lol cant theres so much crap that there isnt enough wall to place it against :p
hmm...i just had a thought...sorry to change the subject but, if my amp is 50% closed and i have issues with the ammount of bass being pumped out..would it do any good to remove the half-back enclosure?