hey i just got the rc20xl boss loop station and it works great, but i keep getting feedback, and when i play through my spider II's distortion channel, it sounds like crap when i overdub. Any suggestions?
I'm pretty sure it's your amp.

There's no effects loop in the Spider is there? If there is, you should probably put the looper there.
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Its the amp. My Boss Rc-2 works like a dream.

You need to put this in the effects loop by the way.
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it bypasses the preamp, its where most time based effects should go. i played an RC-2 through a delta blues and it worked just fine, my guess is that its your amp

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are you running the loop clean and then using the distortion over it? if so, it wont work right, you have to have offboard effects to overdub or the whole loop will screw up.
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The looper needs to go after where your distortion is coming from. If it's coming from your amp, it needs to be in the effects loop. If your amp doesn't have an effects loop... easiest way would be to use the amp on the clean channel with a distortion pedal.;
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