ive been playing guitar for about a year and 10 months and i like to play stuff that like a mix between lamb of god and slipknot. i really like ibanez guitars and its pretty much all i play. should i get and rg7321 or a RGR421EXFM.
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Go for the seven string. I played six-string Ibanez RG and an Esteve classical guitar for a good 3 years, then bought an Ibanez 7 string. The day I got it, sat down for a few hours, took me about half an hour to get comfortable with it. My advice is to keep switching between playing on a 6 string and on a 7 string, to stay comfortable with both, though it shouldn't be hard. The only hard part comes when you try to read 7 string tab instead of 6 string tab, it just takes a little more thinking.

Bottom line,
Get the 7 string, it's worth it.
yup.. 7's take a whole 15 minutes to get used to. it only gets confusing when you overTHINK about what you're doing.
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