i actually liked this a lot, very catchy. not much to say since there's not much to improve on.

c4c? top one in my sig preferably.
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Him -"Hey, give me a high five!"
Her -"hahaha why? *high fives*"
Him - "Because I just dumped you for the lulz!"
Her -"... what?"
Him -"*runs away*"

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

i really liked it. the happy sound was just great. i can imagine an awesome song about having fun being a kid. feelin that? great job. i cant think of anything to really improve on, because it seems like what you have is exactly what you want. congrats!
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
I would reply to both on your songs, but there kinda old and it would be considered bumping, but ill remember your names so next songs u make ill reply