I am curious about this. Can someone who has experience with acid describe to me if it has changed their playing ability in any way (skill/imagination/creativity). Please no DRUGS ARE BAD comments. I am simply curious. Please don't make blatant assumptions if you have not tried the drug because I do not care about your opinion and hope you are shot.
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what is poon?
One of my friends tried this and he thought he sounded amazing at the time, but he recorded it for later on.
It sounded like crap.
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Well like doing many things under the influence of something, you need to kind of re-learn how to do it before you actually sound decent, then licks start pouring out of you.

But I've only been stoned and tried it. Never done it with acid.

Example: The first time I played guitar stoned, I completely blew balls.

A couple more times after that, you get some crazy ideas while improvising, and you get better and deciphering what would sound good and what wouldn't, all while improvising.

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I was going to say something along those lines too.

I haven't dropped acid yet, and I assumed that it would make me think I was playing wonderfully.

However, I'd imagine my playing wouldn't be anything special, but who knows?
Yes and no.

No: Disorients, many can't comprehend the action of "playing".
Yes: One word - Jimi.
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I think we should take a second out to flame him anyways. I mean we're already here.

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^ Yep, that sounds about right.
im guessing you would think you sound awesome.. but others who werent on acid would probably not agree. on shrooms my playing sounded really intersting to me, but when i played what i could remember later it wasnt that great
I HEAR heroine helps my FRIENDS do actions sports better. Its like a land-a-360-on-a-bike overnight pill, as MY FRIENDS tell me.

EDIT: It won't kill you to try it ... but it might hurt. and then maybe kill you if you try alot. So try it.
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haha. this is really funny. i have no idea but if u do it, find a way to record it on video and show me, cuz i bet it would be awesome. do i deserve to be shot for that? if so just do it in the leg and DONT hit anything precious.
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One of my friends tried this and he thought he sounded amazing at the time, but he recorded it for later on.
It sounded like crap.

yup yup, we all saw the talent show episode of family guy
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