I'm a total noob, but I have a quick question:

I have a PRS SE Custom, is it possible to replace the stock volume and tone pots with push/pull pots to split the neck and bridge humbuckers, respectively?

For example, pulling the volume knob would split the neck pup and pulling the tone knob would split the bridge pup.

I was looking at a McCarty, but the the tone knob splits both pickups at once.

Pretty much I want to be able to switch between a single-coil sound on my neck pup and go to a bridge humbucker (and vice versa) just by moving the pickup toggle.

Is it possible?
I don't think it is with the stock pickups, although I may be wrong. You'd have to find out if they were 3 or 4 conductor. You definitely could if you did a pickup swap as well.
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so if they're 4 conductor it's possible?

Yep. Four conductor basically gives you a set of wires for each coil. Some PRS pickups, though, use 3 conductor and do coil splitting (HFS, Vintage Bass).
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