I've pretty much narrowed my decision down to two amps. The B-52 AT112 + a pedal or the Randall rg50tc. I play hardcore, metal-ish, punk stuff, but want some versatility in the gain (I don't want an amp that is all metal all the time if you know what I mean). Cleans aren't a big deal for me. Budget is around $500-600usd but its flexible. I have more to spend but only really want to spend it if I know its worth it.

Would I be better off with the B-52 and an overdrive pedal or with the Randall (which I don't think I would need a pedal for). If you think the B-52 is better than reccomend me a pedal while you're at it. Thanks
I went to GC and tried the head version of the B-52 and loved it.. but the 112 doesn't have the second gain channel. I don't have the space or money to spend on a head/cab or the 212 unfortunately. Also, I don't know of any dealers around my area that carry Randalls.
Don't get the Randall then. If you can't try an amp before buying it, don't. It's never a good idea. Look at a Crate Palomino V32. Comes in both head and combo version, and does metal with an overdrive pedal. But, again, if you can't try it, don't bother.