is there a difference between single coil pickups and humbeuckers. if so has anyone got an opinion to which is better. valid reasons not because you said so.
Neither is objectively better. It's simply a matter of opinion. And the only objective difference is that a single coil uses one magnet (or set) of one polarity while a humbucker is essentially 2 single coils of opposing polarity used to eliminate electronic hum.
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^ It depends what you plan on doing with it. I have both a guitar with 2 humbuckers and a guitar with 3 single coils. Both are excellent.
Hi, I'm Peter
some people get a mix. they will have a single coil in the front and hummys in the rear. I've never tried one, but it seems like a cool idea
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i like both. i like to have 2 humbuckers (neck and bridge) and one single coil in the center. singles get more of that classic strat sound, like hendrix, clapton, srv, etc. make amazing. humbuckers give a smoother, (often) darker sound, and is typically used more in high-gain applications.

like i said, i like both. if i'm playing with a band with light percussion (jimbae, congas, etc.) i'll use a tele to get that nastier, higher-end single coil sound. if i'm playing with a band that has a drummer, but it's not going to be too loud, the strat comes out. if i'm playing some heavy stuff loudly, definitely my ibanezes come out. but that's how I roll.
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in my opinion, single coils. they have a certain presence that humbuckers cant match. the clarity and ability to extract such tone makes them perfect for blues and most other genres. humbuckers take metal type distortion much better, but tube distortion with single coils creates classic tone.
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