how do you get your cd to run manually? i inserted the cd in my laptop but its not running so i need a way to make it run

Start - Run - find your CD drive and go into and that should start it...
if its a program, find teh .exe file and double click to install the program.

my old desktop used to do that...the auto run never worked........
how do i find the cd drive? its a cd im using to download a game

edit: sry i just saw your other post. thanks
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if you open "My computer" will will say the drive letter (usually D, E or F) followed by what the drive is "CD", "CDRW"...something like that
and most comupters will change the icon of the drive if you have a game in...like if i put my sonar disk in my computer and go into my computer my D drive icon which is my DVD drive will have a pic like Sonar...

easy enough to find it.
oh thats the problem for me. the cd drive doesnt appear when i insert the cd. i cant even feel/hear the cd running in my laptop
open "My computer" and do a screen shot for us (just press the "Print Screen" button and then open paint and paste the image.
Save as a Jpeg and host the file on something like photobucket or tinypic.com and link it in a post here.

It's strange that your PC doesn't see the drive or its not spinning and I'm starting to think you have have a broken drive on your hands and may have to send it out for service.
well its not in english but not much of a problem. I think your computer's CD drive is the one ending with "(D" which would be your D drive

try double clicking that and see if it brings up a new list or if it gives an error asking to insert a disk.
nah nothing there. its alright i'll try on my own for a while. thanks for your help
if you have any other questions feel free to send me a PM but at this point since its not working I'm not really sure whats wrong with it.

you could try looking on google for a good computer repair board...heres one that i go to every now and then:


just tell them your CD drive is inactive. It won't spin up, no lights, not even any reaction when trying to start the program through My Computer.