Hey Guys,

I've been playing geetar for nearly 3 months now and I reckon Im pretty good and no alot of stuff someone who has played for 3 months would know but I need some tips, exercises or songs that will help me improve, I really like Guitar and wanna get real good at it

learn them, blues pentatonic especially.
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You've been playing for three months and you already think that you're pretty good? Keep the ego/self worth as a guitarist down, that's for sure : ).

Be humble. Learn all three pentatonic patterns and be able to use them competently all over the fretboard in any key. From there, move on to major/minor scales; you'll want to progress on to the various modes at some point.

Practice barré chords. Make sure that you know both major and minor shapes, based on both the 5th and 6th string.

Do finger exercises daily. Play the chromatic scale (every fret, essentially) up and down the fretboard, making sure that your picking and fretting hands are "in tune" with eachother. You don't want one hand to be faster or more accurate than the other—the goal is have both progress at the same rate.

Above all, just enjoy what you're doing! Too many guitarists set such high standards within the first few years of playing and burn themselves out. Be realistic—you're going to suck for a few years. But, if you keep up with improving on technique and general knowledge of music and guitar, you'll get there...where ever "there" is.

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When I said I think Im pretty good I ment like, going good for 3 months, I dont think Im the best and all..apsolutly not.
You can use these series of exercises:

It helped me a lot and I still use it when I am at a loss for what to play and for warms up and things of that nature. Also incorporate different picking techniques into these exercises like alternative picking and hammer on and pull off methods. Once you get used to the finger movement and shapes and patterns its almost like your train to multi task and build your technique. Hope I helped and happy playing.
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