what was the kids name that was kinda square faced and really good at composing songs on guitar. he was on youtube. possible link anyone?
this is even worse than that time people had to find out the person from me!

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i'm subscribed to his channel.

this is my favorite of his

lol, and i, too, like the other people instantly thought of him when i heard 'square faced'
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I know a guy that looks just like him, that always tries to do impressions of Hank Hill.
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i love this kid he is freaking epic, i would pay for everyhitng for him to be here, he is just an amazing guitarist.
i dont get the square faced thing someone explain

edit: NVM

Some one should tell him he is known as the square faced guitarist.
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He looks a bit like Quagmuire =] but i like his canon in D version.
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holy crap he's awesome!!

and he does have a square face!

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