Im pretty new here, and bought my electric guitar about two years ago and play it when im bored. Its one of thoes begginer fender guitars that came with the small amp. But im getting into picking ummm I think people call it "shredding"? but my guitar doesnt sound the same when others play. Is there somthing im doing wrong or do I need a differnt guitar?

I tryed searching all around and couldnt find an answer...

yeah. nee dto be a little more specific. any examples of what you are trying to do?
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I have no idea what you're talking about either
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Most of the 'sound' comes from having a great amp, rather then a great guitar.

Being more specific is gonna be needed though

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Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. Gomen


But ummm like Im trying to play this song from a favorit anime of mines and have the tabs and except for the intro I can play it, but it doesnt sound anything like his guitar. My electric guitar sounds like my acoustic and not like that metal kind music picking..

am I speaking jibberish? haha

edit: I know it might not be, but my guitar looks EXACTLY like his. the only thing I dont think his says "Squier strat fender" at the top.

Sorry in advanced my spelling sucks.
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erm.... as best I can tell, you're playing on the clean channel. You should have a little button on the amp that says "overdrive" or somthing similier. That should give you the distortion you're looking for.

If that's not the case, please try to be a little more specific.

Hope that helps!
Ahhh i see. It sounds alot better, I never noticed that button befor haha but I think I might need a new amp, the amp I have now is tweaking out on me.

Thanks for all your help!

edit: Ok i dont think it was my amp but my cable... just to make sure. the cable is 1/4" in and out right?
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Just to help others with tonal frustrations it might not be your problem, but what the heck, here it goes.

In my opinion tones comes from your fingers/playing, strings (as far for the brightness or mellowness of your strings), guitar's body, then it goes to your pickups, (depending on the output, tone, type of pickups...) and effect pedals, to your amp, and then your speakers.

A lot of guitar players might just say otherwise, you'll often hear " It's all in the Guitar then your amp" a lot of people are ignorant of the little but drastic effect of everything mentioned above, you can have 3 guitarists playing the same guitar/rig, and not one, I repeat, not one will sound the same.

The amp is probably the biggest influential part of the tone since it puts everything together but starting with a "Bad" playing will still sound bad through the amp, worst with a tube amp since almost and sometimes every details of your playing comes out, your mistakes will have a hard time concealing them selves.

To wrap it all up, work on the playing then worry about the tone.
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starting with a "Bad" playing will still sound bad through the amp...and then...

To wrap it all up, work on the playing then worry about the tone.

Yep, and YEP...

I agree completely, best comment made yet in this thread. If your playing is bad it will sound bad amplified or not. If your playing is good it will sound good unamplified...and great amplified, especially with a tube amp because, as noted, tubes bring out the little details quite well...pick scrapes, scratchy frets, the fingernail that catches on the string, it all stays right there for everyone to hear.

That's why I practice 95% of the time with an acoustic. If I can make it sound good with an acoustic, plug into and amp (all mine are tubes) and it will invariably sound better. Play it sloppy on an electric, and it sounds way sloppy...

I also let the electric tell me if I still need to work on a specific riff, once it's close on the acoustic I can still hear any slurred or inaccurate notes on electric, which helps a lot. Playing clean as possible really brings mistakes out, distortion and other effects can overshadow a lot. My practice amp has no reverb, I never hook up anything but a volume pedal, if that, and I tend to usually keep good strings on the guitars. If it doesn't sound right, clean and smooth, there's only two things left...my fingers and my brain.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
HMm it would be hard to get it to sound the exact same as kurkingtons foxes video or whatever. in the god knows official mp3 it sounds different to K-foxes video as well, so keep that in mind

Haha im a beginner so don tlook to me for advice, but theres one thing for god knows, go slow/get it right if you can't that is. I'm assuming if you can play it no problem and the sound is all you need fixing up, then yeah like whoever said two posts up or somewhere around there, a combo of things helps with tone, try it out

If i remember right i have the guitar pro tab of god knows... i think the guitars put in at distortion.. try that might sound better.