ok. im thinking of upgrading my spider 3 15... to a epiphone valve junior with a marshall jackhammer distortion pedal. I play alot of metal and a little hard rock sometimes clean stuff, is this a good upgrade? if not could you suggest something else?
I'd say it's cool. Can't say for sure, but from what I've heard, improvement over the spider, definitely.
The VJ is nice. No idea about the pedal - never played it. You may also want an EQ to shape your tone a bit better, too.
yeah what eq pedals could you reccomend? i have about a 400aud budget. the amps 250 and the pedals 120 so i could save up later.
I'm getting a Behringer EQ pedal soon. It's cheap, and I've read good things about it. I haven't used it yet, tho.
kk. has anyone used a jackhammer or any distortion high gain distortion pedal through a valve junior?