Title says it all really. I'm bored outta my mind so i was gonna play on rs, but i remembered i gave all my stuff away. All i have left is the character with nothing on it but junk stuff.

So i was going to start some other file, and if anybody wants to buy the original file for 2mil runescape gold *you'll be giving it to my new account*, post here.

Stats for lvl 92 are:

74 att
74 str
74 def
70 mage and range
83 woodcutting which will make you 100k per hour on magic trees

message me and ill give you details on it, and how the deal will be done
give it to me.. my little borther plays it
send me a pm ?


Why would you want 2 million gold. Surely that would mean that you would play it. Just give it away or change the password to random numbers so no one can ever access it ever again!
ahh i missed the point, basically i justr want a file to mess about on in f2p and go pking and random stuff. 2mil is more than enough to help me set that up, and its a pretty good deal for a lvl92 account