Please help me, why will Cubase only let me move items in the sequence window to the nearest bar ?It will also only let me cut things on the nearest bar. I want to be able to slice anywhere.

Also, is there a way of finding the tempo of the audio you import, like there is in Fruity Loops?
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Cubase automatically snap's each event and each action to the nearest bar. you need to turn the snap function off. it may be in a different location depending on which version of cubase your using but here is a screen shot of how it looks in cubase sx3.

hope this helps.

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Any help with the other issue? And is there a decent guide to using Cubase on the internet?
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I'm not quite sure what you meant by the last question, so sorry if I'm totally off here:

Depends, if you are importing .midi it will be played in the speed that the metronome is set to. But if you are playing audio well..Then I assume it won't change.
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typically when you import audio loops they stay at the same tempo so when you are importing audio from say a sample CD the file usually has the tempo in part of the name or in the folder on the CD ie it may say drum & Bass loops 120bpm.
wav files can be usefull as they auto snap to your project tempo but most cant be changed dramatically say 30-40bpm up or down is about max before the sound is effected.

if you have no idea as to the tempo of an audio event you could always reference it against a click track just make sure you have your snap on to get the loop right at the start of a bar and listen it through a good few bars to seeif the click sits in all the way down. that said its not the best or most efficient way of working. there is a way to create slice points and manipulate audio in this way also time stretching methods but its difficult to explain i would recommend you getting some wav files and looking into recycle its a great program by propellerhead if you never heard of it just google it and have a gander. also there are loads of great samplers out there some ship with stupid amounts of loops to keep you busy whatever style of music.
Ok, thanks a lot for the advice, thought there might have been a quicker fix, like in ACID Pro, but ah well.
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