Does any one know what type of reverb pedal Matthew Followill out of the Kings of leon uses for that long delayed reverb with nice decay. Or does anyone know a pedal that sounds similar? I was looking at the Holier Grail but im not sure if its enough???
...holiEST Grail?
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Alot more control over your reverb, it may have a longer reverb-time, but Im not sure.
have you tried the holy grail? when the knob is on full on the hall setting it takes ages to decay fully
I haven't tried it but have heard demos and most people just seem to use it instead of their amps reverb or because their amp has no reverb
Holy Grail is great. Almost indistinguishable from spring reverb, the hall reverb is amazing and the flerb setting is interesting and usable, sort of psychedelic. Like said pretty long decay time on the hall setting. And the power supply is included.