Today is a rather special day for our fellow UGer, guitarcrazy1991, or as some of us may know him as, Geoff. It's his 16th birthday today, and without a doubt, he'll be both drunk AND stoned by tonight. So while he's still sober, why don't we all wish him a happy birthday in this thread? You know, just in case he shows up at your house tonight, stinking of piss, asking why you didn't wish him a happy birthday, and geoffecating on your doorstep.

I'll start with the presents.

I got you a shiny new black belt, just something you might like to wear next time you dropkick someone.

Happy Birthday!
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happy birthday!!!
im too cheap too get you a present(too lazy actually...)

anyways, have fun!!! get drunk, stoned and laid!!!
Oh, I know of him.


I already have something on copy so I'm afraid you don't get a present.
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Happy birthday dude.
I'll find a present for you in a second.
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hey, if you ever came across my place in the states, id smoke you out big time

you'd be so high you probably wouldn't be able to tell if you're high or not.

drinking isnt my sort of thing though.
hangovers FTL.
Happy birthday!

I got you a brand new motorcycle!

Happy birthday, man!
Happy Birthdayyy!!!!

I got yu a train...

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Who's this fag?

Happy Birthday mate

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Not quite sure who he is, but more importantly (to me perhaps ) it's Gangster-Dolly's birthday today as well (7th October)

Had a totally awesome day today.
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