Is this guitar good ?

Schecter Omen 6 Extreme.
my playing style is Metallica and Pantera

I don't know about the "Extreme" but i've played the Omen 6 and I really don't like the tone it produces.
I'm very satisfied with my C-7 Blackjack, but it's a little more expensive than the Omen. Schecter tend to be pretty pretty consistent in quality though, but you really should try one out before buying.
if you're gonna buy a shcecter get a high end one
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The cheapest Schecter that I liked was the Damien 6 for $399.

And of course the Schecter C1 HellRaiser, is my favorite guitar of all guitars, and it's only around $699 I believe.
Quote by Mattmakesmetal
Is this guitar good?

You want to expand on that?

I mean , is the guitar good..
You know , does it have a good tone and so on ..