What are John Mayer's Pickups? Thanks.
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The ones they use in his Fender sig aren't available aftermarket, I don't think.
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I believe John's Big Dippers are low output with slightly scooped mids. You might be able to get similar ones custom built, but I don't know where.
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I'm sure if you contacted www.sdpickups.com Dave Stephens can build something for you. $255 for a set of 3 handwound custom pickups shipped.
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They are just regular ol' formvar pickups. Not normal for modern fender, but box standard for just about anybody that does vintage 50's pickups.
Not taking any online orders.
there called big dippers but they only come on his signature model. They are sometimes on ebay but when they are they usually run for 400 usd
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I like the pickups a lot, but I highly dislike the rest of his sig model...bummer