Hey guys, I was checking out that Snocap/Myspace Downloadable music sale thing. I think it would be a cool thing to do because I've had people who said they would be willing to buy a cd but I don't have a cd's worth of material so I'm thinking it would be cool to just offer a couple songs. Now my main problem with this Snocap thing is that it takes part of the money that you make from selling the song...my question is: Is there any other music sales things like this that are 1) Free 2) Don't take your money 3) available for myspace. I looked on google but I couldn't get very accurate results given that I don't really know what this is called. Thanks in advance for any help.
just put your songs on a cd, and mail it to them
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It's like the equivalent of a record label online, so they'll obviously want to take some money from it. Nothing in this worlds free =]
Host your music files on some webspace and link them for people to download for free instead
you're essentially asking for a publisher who doesn't ask for a cut of the money.

good luck mate

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For myspace... I guess it is the only one (Snocap). But when you have an album you can sell it through CD Baby, or put it on ITunes (how, i don't know...).
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Snocap takes $0.39 per download. So you are making pretty much a 60/40 cut on a $0.99 song.

That is pretty ridiculous. You can always buy a webhost.. Host your files.. and have them pay you through paypal and you can give them download credits to download a set amount of songs per $1.