ive been playing for about 6 months on my Squier affinity and i realy feel like its time to get a new one. As amp i got a Roland cube 30 which im very happy with tho.

I enjoy playing Metallica and Megadeth songs. lately i've been focusing more on solos which i find very entertaining

Anyway i'd like to keep the Budget under 550$

These are some of the Guitars ive been cheking out:

Ibanez RG321


Jackson Dxmg Dinky


And Ibanez RG370DX


I'd appreciate any suggestions pretty similar to these

/cheers cheers
I'd check out the Jackson, but if I were you I'd go to your local shop and try something out. And don't be afraid to buy used equipment.
get the jackson. in this price range i think they're better than ibanez
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go try out stuff though. and go used if you can
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!
jackson has my vote
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Actually i didn't realy like the Jackson when i tried it out, Might be couse im not used to it:F
I can help you.. just two questions.

1. Are you bothered if the guitar has a trem on it?
2. Any shapes you like (Les paul, SG, Super Strat..etc).
i have that jackson but with the dunkan design pickups (dx10d) and i love it. get it. I have come to find that jackson > anything. even my sg.
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