so, i got a bass guitar not to long ago, the neck was warping a little bit but i got it for almost nothing so i didnt worry about it... but yesterday, playing for my friends band, i got a little agressive and now the tip of the head's broken off (not worried about that), the bottom of the body, near the strap button is sorta beat up (not to worried either), but now the head has a big crack running from almost the nut (not exactly to it though) , thru the E tuning key screws, and almost to the bottom of the head underneath the A tuning key... im not big on bass, so really all i need to know is what might happen... its not a serious issue since im getting another bass soon, but i'd still like to know ^_^
the more you play it the more it will crack,there is no saving the neck but the rest of it should still be fine
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it still plays quite well, im just wondering if its gonna break off or something (its pretty cheep wood altogether, i'd say if the crack gets bigger the pull from the strings will break the head off lol)
Dude, fix it before it you end up with a steinberger bass. Some glue and/or bolts with plates should prevent the crack from streching.
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