What do you guys rather learn. A song thats a step below your level, Or a song thats a step above your level. I think its always good to learn one thats above you and take longer to learn. Is that how i should be doing it?
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step above.

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if you play something below your level you'll never imrpove, so if it's for learning purposes you want to go a step above, but if it's for fun, a step below means you play a song flawlessly in less time
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obviously you should go for a step above, but when i dont have an abundant amount of time to work on stuff, ill usually look up something i really like thats a little easier than what im used to (not a whole lot though) and learn it so whenever i get a chance i can play it out of bordom (i.e.: i go to school and in instrumental music class i'd rather play a whole song than just the main riff to a different song over&over)

thats just my thought though ^_^
i wouldn't choose either way...i just learn i want to learn anyway...doesn't matter if it's a step above my own skill or not xD
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above... unless the song is so incredibly awesome that you wanna learn the easier one anyways
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i wouldn't choose either way...i just learn i want to learn anyway...doesn't matter if it's a step above my own skill or not xD

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I don't look at how much skill a song takes, a song is a song, you play it to make yourself feel good either way. So whether it's three chords or a blazing solo all the way through, it doesn't make a difference to me. I never look at how much skill a song takes when I learn it.
If I'm trying to learn something from a song, I don't really care how difficult the piece is, I try to take what I liked from the song and learn that.

I believe you should look at some songs more difficult and require more time to learn but also play some easier songs as well. The easier stuff keeps you interested, the hard stuff makes you better.
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Honestly, I usually just learn songs I like, which are ususally easy. Then the jazz stuff I learn at guitar lessons and all the other excercises I do are really what gets me better at playing.
It really doesn't matter as long as I like the song and like to play it.
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There's two types of songs for me, those that are so easy I play through on the first or second run and never bother to remember, and those so complicated I get discouraged and do something else.
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Playing something below your level is like playing what you already know, so you dont learn anything new, but dont try to learn something too hard for you level.