Ok I bought this Marshall Valvestate VS30R and this guitar both for $330. Sounds amazing compared to my cousin's Epiphone started kit which he got for the same price. Also I bought them used from a second hand store, that place is pretty cool, 1\4 is filled with guitars of all sorts. Anyways good deal or no?

Also can someone give me more info on the guitar? All what it says is RedFox notihng else,, no numbers either.

Here are some pictures

can't say i've heard of the guitar brand, it seems just to be another strat copy, i'd like to see what other people say about the amp, though
It will do for when your starting out, and if it sounds good who gives a flying hoot
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I have a Valvestate myself (not the same model as yours, though) and I like them quite a bit. As to the guitar, haven't heard of the brand, but the amp is most of the sound anyway. If you like it, then you got a good deal for sure.
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its whether you like it or not that determines how good a deal it was, not us. i mean, are we going to hear it anytime soon? dont think so.
i have a 'white guitar'
i've played a few valvestates and i didn't like them, but if it sound right for you, then it's fine

and you got a good deal
Well not exactly amazing, sometimes I can't get the right tone for certain riffs but i guesse thats only expected with beginner stuff. What I really mean is that it sounds way better than one of those crummy amps you get with a beginner guitar kit, which I almost bought lol
Valvestates are pretty good, i have a old one. The brand i think is just a cheapo strat copy but it will do you fine.
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