i have been playing other peoples songs for too long!!!!

SO, i have been hanging around MT like a bad smell trying to build up some theory knowledge to write song music myself.

i recorded the first (of many ) today from an idea i came up with yesterday.

take a listen, let me know what you think.

now, by no means is this flawless or anything, the plan was to come up with ideas, not perfect recordings (for now), but i like what i did, especially 1min30 or so in.

crit for crit and all that malarky
Quote by Davester000
this is pretty cool for a first song. the only thing i could mention, the tone of the lead and the volume of it. i might be pickiing but the volume seems a bit high, expecially when hitting the high pitched notes. the tone is ok but your notes dont seem to have much sustain???

but anyway, brilliant job.


yeah... i think the word 'ear-piercing' may be what you're after....

i struggle with a good sound on my guitar due to 3 humbuckers and cheap effects... so i turned the pickup volume right down on the lead, losing the sustain
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