ok, a buddy of mine (who doesnt play and i dont know why he had em) let me borrow two old wah pedals of his

both crybabay..

one is the Original Crybaby, GCB-95 (had Dunlop on the bottom)

and the other is 95-910511 (no name to it)

i already had the GCB-95 but it doesnt say original on it anywhere. (and i dont remember the box) and the guy said one of em may not even work.

so my questions are:

what can you guys tell me about these Wahs?

has anyone here ever daisy chained wahs?

and how easy it gonna be to try and get into em and fix em?

You'll need to know a fair amount about the inner workings of pedals, as well as needing the specific knowledge on wahs.
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Come to the Wah Modding Thread in GB&C with good pics of the insides, and we can help you out with any problems.