as some of you know im going with a blues deluxe amp. the guy at guitar center told me he had 3 used and 1 new blues deluxe. Im guessing he will take some money off if i buy the used and not really budge on price if i buy new. the only problem i have with buying used is:
how do i know if they didnt go to hard on the amp like put it to the highest volume and damage the speaker.

what do you think i should do? and if you say buy it used, how much do you think i can get off the price? price is 650 for new
can you not try them out side by side?
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Well, if your seriously buying, then you should be allowed to try it in a seperate "loud" room. Or you can bring it home and test it out and return it if there is anything wrong with it. There should be a price on the used ones, because it depends on how much the store bought it for, but I would assume you would probobly pay somewhere around 500 or so depending on the condition of the amp.

Overall, its almost always better to go used, because the amp has been broken in and it's just cheaper.