I have a Peavey 110 Combo amp that I don't use anymore, I've tried to sell it but no one around my area was interested. It's in excellent condition, and it sounds great.

It packs quite a punch for being so small. IMO it's perfect for practicing, or doing jam sessions with friends.

There are no visible scratches or dents. Brand new condition.

Here are it's stats:
* 20W RMS
* 10" speaker
* DDT speaker protection
* Gain control
* Modern/Vintage voicing switch with patented TransTube tube emulation circuitry
* Low, Mid, Mid Shift and High semi-parametric EQ
* Post-EQ effects loop
* CD input
* Master volume control
* Tuned, ported enclosure with exclusive dual
* Headphone jack

Goes for $150 new. I'm offering between $100-125, or I'll do a trade for something (Maybe an effects pedal? )

(Sorta big pics)

Concerns/questions? PM or email me. My email is gunnyvandyke@yahoo.com.