How much can a Class A amp handle? like if I stuck my tubescreamer or some other pedal in front could it do say iron maiden?
or can it just do amazing cleans and blues
cause im thinking of getting a valve junior for cleans
a tubescreamer probably couldn't do iron maiden, but with a different pedal you could.
if you need an amp for cleans, why not the fender champ ?
Fender amps FTW

Awesomest clean sound on the market, in my humble opinion. Valve juniors are good, too, though. Don't expect them to handle Maiden.

I always recommend the Laney LC-30. Amazing amp. Class A, 30 watts. Loads of gain.
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that would be fine.


Valve Juniors are meant for overdrive. Their low wattage implies it does not have a lot of clean headroom, so you don't want to depend on it for crisp Fender cleans at any kind of semi-loud volume. On its own it does dirty blues tones well and depending on the pedal you put in front of it it'll do metal. A tube screamer doesn't push it that far, you might get close if you have EVERYTHING on 10.