Right, this morning I was playing my guitar and I tried to adjust the pick-ups, but I think I turned it to tightly, that my string snapped. I was shocked as this is my first string that snapped :P but I only got spare acoustic ones, but I dunno if the acoustic strings will screw up my electric guitar (well thats what my mate said anyways :S) so shoud I wait for 1-2 weeks to get electric strings or use my acoustic strings?
if its temporary use it but dont make it a habit, but you are better off just getting new strings
1. How did you manage to snap a string when adjusting the pickup

2. What guage is the acoustic string in?

3. Even if it is the right guage, it still wouldn't work unless it is made of nickel or steel. (most acoustic strings are in bronze)

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if u have the unwound acoustic strings, like E, B, or G maybe, and its the right gauge, u can use it. wound strings wont be picked up from ur pickups.
the acoustic strings I got is with my electric guitar and its made with plastic (I think :S) and yeah maybe yous are right, I should proabably wait for the electric strings...its just I needed to practice for my next guitar lesson :S