fuzz factor. Ok just wondering what you think of fuzz pedals in general, and would they get me closer to that thick sabbath tone i crave from my epi iommi and DSL401. If so what would be a good pedal to buy, i heard good things about a big muff, and whats the difference between big muff, Little big muff, and big muff Pi. And is LBM same as BM. And how well does wah go with fuzzz, cause im sure i heard rumours that wah pedals dont like fuzz. BTW i have a fulltone clyde deluxe wah if that helps

Ok thx in advance
I think fuzz pedals can be used to great effect, it really depends what tone your after
Jimi Hendrix used them to great effect, he used a wah with fuzz
would a fuzz gimi that drying sabbath sound i crave, and any differrence between LBM and BM