So I was just playing guitar through my amp. It's a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I was playing and lately I've been experimenting with my amp and it's overdrive channel, so I turn up the volume to 3 (which is pretty loud). Well, today I noticed when I played on the clean channel the speaker made a popping noise mixed with a scratching sound too. It sounds like those old record players when they lay down the little pointer things to play the record. So I turned off my amp and I was thinking is it time to change out tubes? Last time I changed them was in December 2006.
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check if one of your tubes glow more or less than the others or if it has a different color.
also check if they're screwed in tight. then come back.
id say its time to change. other signs that its time to change - volume drops, less volume, and uneven power. check to see if one is brighter than the other after u warm em up.
yeah they look ok, but just becaause they look ok doesnt mean that they are ok. I don't understand why everyone is having problems with these amps lately, ive had mine for almost a year and its flawless, i dont use the OD channel though, ive changed the tubes, cranked it all the way, gigged with it, dropped it (long story), even mis matched tubes and used 6V6's in it (which some people on this website say should "blow the amp up") and i haven't had a problem.

Does it only pop on the OD channel? and does it do it when you press the channel switch button?
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Does it do it with a different guitar? Could be the guitar cable, or the input jack of the amp may be loose or dirty. I would clean the pots and jacks, try a different guitar and cable. Also your guitar output jack. Could be a tube, sometimes they fail prematurely, but they should still be good (unless you dime the amp many hours per day.)
Tried with different guitar and cable. Same deal. Still static noise. Damn.

Well, if it is the tubes, I'll get ones that'll give the overdrive a little more balls.
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if you do get new tubes, don't try to "screw" them in. The tubes pull directly out, they have pins that fit into a socket on the amp. You can rock them a little to get them out, but never twist them.

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check if one of your tubes glow more or less than the others or if it has a different color.
also check if they're screwed in tight. then come back.
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This time I'm gonna take it in to the guitar tech at my local shop, let him fix o' fix it before I mess it up.
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Ok, so right now, I wanted to check to make sure the amp was still messed up. It was, but when I turned the clean channel up to 6, the cleans broke up into overdrive and the crackling sound disappeared. When I turned it back down, the popping sound came back. Then I used another electric guitar with a different cable, same thing.
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Are you using the reverb? Turn all the pots except the master to 0 and then one by one run through them from 0-12 and back down again. If one of them makes the noise go away/come back it might be relevant to tell the tech, I read a thread about a Twin that was making the same sort of noise but it went away when the reverb was off.
I just did what you said and the popping sound is there even with all the knobs on 0, except for the volume. I'm starting to think the speaker needs to be switched out.
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