So ive been playing guitar for a year and a half now, and i wanna pick up bass too

im planning on just getting a starter kit, but now i need to pick a good one

i've got my eye on 3 sets, and now i need some help choosing

There's a Ibanez pack ( http://www.feedback.nl/?id=55&b=GSR190JUBK&a=51&treeID=2_3_1 )

a Hartke pack ( http://www.peterverspuy.nl/cgi-bin/x/4867.html )

and a Washburn T-14 bass and a Laney 15watt amp (no linky)

So all advice is apreciated, and if u know any other good basspacks (i live in holland, so plz nothing outside the country ) plz linky

Ibanez SR605
Some 71' P-Bass
Orange Bass Terror 500 > Markbass 4x10
SInce you have only been on for a little more than a month, I'll go easy here. This thread request or variations thereof, appears about 2 x week on this forum.

For the love of all that is bass, use the search bar and fnd / look at the existing threads and if you have any specific questions come back.
I got the hartke pack as my first bass, and still use the bass itself through an Ashdown. I've not got any complaints about the amp or the bass. I gig with the bass about twice a month and the most trouble i have had is the volume knob coming loose.

So i recommend the hartke.
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out of those ibanez.... but id go for a fender starter pack..... a jazz bass one

*cough*get a vintage modified fender-squier, they own!*cough*