I want to go to this really great music school and I have to audition. This school is a classical/Jazz school and I need help picking a great jazz or classical song. If you can help choose a great song nothing to hard but something that sounds great and will make me stand out.
canon rock with a bass? it wouldnt be too exciting....
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^Bach's Cello Suite #1 Prelude is an amazingly beautiful song, but that is a horrible, horrible rendition of it.

To start of, he's playing it at least a 4th higher than it's supposed to be (I'm saying a 4th, because I don't have my bass near me, and he's playing it on the C string, in the same position you would play it in on a 4 string) Second, he takes way to many liberties with the time and note speeds, the piece has to fermata's in it, and the rest is straight 16th notes. Third, and possibly the biggest things wrong with what he's playing... HE'S ADDING IN NOTES. Not only is he adding notes, but he's completely re-arranging sections of the piece! He completely changed the ending around.

The only real reason I'm freaking out over that video is that I spent months practicing that piece for hours a day to learn the actually right way too play it, and I still play it frequently. It's a great solo bass piece, and a fairly common (but very impressive) audition piece. I used it for Berklee and was accepted, but thats a whole different story.

If you want to hear a good rendition of it, watch almost any of the cello videos for it... I'm too lazy to look it up right now.
thanks and i think its a great song to play so Im going to play that but any great jazz song that u know