is it bad to take all the strings off a guitar before restringing it? ive read when you take them off all at once the neck loses a lot of tension and it may cause your the neck to be f'd up? so i was wondering if it is alright to take all the strings off be4 restringing it
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I think it's kind of bad. Taking one string off first & then putting the new one in is better for the guitar. (I think.)
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If restringing, try doing it one at a time.
If it's a trem bridge, block it first then do one at a time.
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i always take 'em all off first, cause i clean 'n pollish the fretboard while im at it. never had any problems with it. im not sure about a floating bridge or the likes though.
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I don't think so. I take all of my old strings off before I put new ones on.
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It wont hurt anything. You'd have to be talking months or even upwards of a year for it to cause the neck any damage. Otherwise, nobody would play drop tuning :P
I always take them all completely off, then restring from the thinnest to thickest. Doesn't take more than like 7 minutes.
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If you leave the neck un-tensioned for a long time (more than a few hours or days...) it will backbow, it isn't anything that cant be fixed, it's just inconvenient.
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Won't hurt a thing, I do mine that way occasionally to clean up the fretboard, but usually I change one at a time.

The only reason I know of it's advisable to change one at a time is with a spring based tremolo, and then only because the tension of the strings changes as you tune so it takes a while to get it back in tune. Otherwise, there is no danger of damaging the guitar or neck, but I wouldn't just clip the strings, loosen them and remove one at a time to be on the safe side.
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^Actually I have a buddy whose been playing guitar for 20+ years, and granted I woulden't suggest it, but when he wants to change a string(s) he just takes a pair of wire cutters and snips the strings without even loosening the tension, and he's had the same Fender Strat for a good 15 years.

Again, I woulden't reccomend it, but I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about