Ok so myself, my best friend who's practically my brother (chris) and another one of our friends (josh) started a band. Typical band. We've been playing for about 8 months now and we've written three "bonding songs" to get used to each other and now we're trying to take it seriously and meld a little more. I'm lead guitarist josh is rythm and chris is drums, we had a bassist but he wanted out because A: we would just jam and B: it was a little too techical for him at this point. My problems are: I feel like a fockin drill sargeant at practise telling everyone to run it again and stop playing random **** trying to think of the next measures before we even have the one we're working on down. Granted out of all of us I am the guiltiest of this with my shredding but I would do it while I was waiting for them to reorganize, now I don't shred unless we're all playing now and I'll improv for unwritten solos. The drummer is pretty much cool, he understands most of our **** but when we come across something he can't get his head around he starts implying it's all ****ed up. It's a band I know I've had to work to get around riffs and timings and temp. changes and wierd techniques of the other members. He has good ideas, we've been playing guitar as friends for about 5 years and him with his drums about 2. I can get over attitudes but everytime we run a song he plays it a little different, or has, he's cut down now with me making us run it a billion times. He only plays drums when we practise and I know it's not my place to tell him to play more to get the double bass down, the blast beats down, finalize his fills, and improve his technique but I wish he would. Out of the three of us I think he is the least commited. Now our other guitarist, he's a great rythm guitarist but the harmony lines and technical breaks I write can be a little too much for him on the spot at practise, understood and then he goes home and practises and plays so he can have something to contribute. Great band member, the best out of all of us hands down. He has trouble mimicing my techniques, maybe too much but he's worth keeping around in all other aspects enough to warrant me being very thankful for his excellent musicianship and ethic while his skills maybe restricted to rhythm. Far be it from me to criticise the host but I try to be the most enthusiastic and maybe sometimes get too worked up about impotent practises. I try and make it a point to take a break and smoke a cigarette instead of climbing up someone's ass and telling them where their head should be at. I know that the function and disfunction of our band is a group effort, we all do stupid pointless **** but I'm having trouble with everyone's dedication. It's a band, there's gonna be problems and we haven't played a show. We practise every week, sometimes twice, we're getting there but it seems that the other members could be more serious. I know I'm ranting but everyone will be worked up when things are clicking then when I hit a bump with recording, finalizing, envisioning; everyone sticks their opposables in the darkest hole they can find on their body. It seems that as musicians we're enthused but as bandmates we're apathetic. How could I bring this up at practise? I don't give a **** who writes the most riffs or who's got the spotlight because they all have good input. Maybe I'm just cross because I know we're hot **** we just haven't slammed on the gas. This, technical problems and minor scheduling problems are all I really worry about. I really do hate being the "director" of practises in a way. I know every band has this problem and they're a hundred threads of this sort I just didn't want to fume a hundred lines and hijack a dude's thread.
"You've unleashed the 'fockin furry!"
That was a big wall of text.

I read about 4 sentences and had too stop.

Paragraphs work.

Just practice, HAVE FUN, and Play shows.
i read the whole lot but i'm not sure what your trying to ask... if anything at all.

and yes paragraphs where a fantastic invention
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?
why dont you guys just do like song skeletons (structure and chords) and play it differently each time

satisfy those improvisational urges while getting actual songs done
i have a 'white guitar'
i remember seeing a thing on keith richards in witch he said hed never played satisfaction the same way twice, hes been playing that for 40 years and never done it the same twice, as long as your drummer dosnt mess up the song it should be fine if he plays it a bit different each time as long as he dosnt f*** up or couse the other band members to f*** up