I didnt see a thread
so if there is
im sorry

but this band is a great band,
i first heard about them back in 2003 with Mother Earth, and have loved them since.
Mother Earth had a perfect combination of Metal with the strings and piano, the singer has a beautifully ranged voice
The Silent Force was more melodic, with more pianos, but stil heavy with guitars

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anyone else?
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the singer has a beautifully ranged voice

She's also freakin' hot.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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The band is good, but only because of Sharon's voice. Unless they give me something heavier like their first album, meh.
I like some of their stuff, but when it comes to metal with female vocals I prefer Epica, Nightwish, etc.

If they played some heavier stuff, they'd be much better imo.
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I **ing hate Opeth. They make every other band I know look bad.

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I find it hilarious that most people, especialy their army of 15 year old fangirls, think that Mother Earth was their first album, where in fact they had the album Enter (that was actualy OK...) before anything else, complete with heavy riffing and male growls. Some songs actualy had no female singing.
Aside from that one album, total crap.
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Wow, she is hot. I don't think they're metal, but I'll call them whatever their vocalist wants me to
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meh, not interesting
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Worst live performance I have ever seen. The band is practically non-existant, except for the singer, who isn't that much of a crowd-mover herself.

The music is extremely meh on top of it, too.
Dyer's Eve is awesome, and has an abnormally large penis, which doesn't act as any hinderance to his everyday life despite its freakishly large size.
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The girl is obviously worth some points, but seriously.......Within Temptation......metal? Maybe technically. But......seriously.

Save it for the icerink.
o cmon guys ease up abit on the band...i like them.yeh they maybe unoriginal(ha just SLIGHTLY XD) and i would rather listen to the likes of nightwish(who happen to b oone of my fave bands of all time) thyre still good. poppy at times. but i still like them.
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I saw them open for Maiden
Spent the rest of the night wanting them to come back on
But I do think if you took Sharons voice out of it all I proably wouldn't be interested
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