I can't hold down more than one low string without one or more of the strings buzzing or sounding muted. what can i do to strenghten it? I have one of those gripmaster too so if theres something i can do on that let me know.
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just play chromatic scales up and down the neck and make sure your pinky notes ring in clearly. a chromatic scale if you dont know what one is, is when you go first finger, first fret, second finger, second fret, third finger ,third fret, and fourth finger, fourth fret, and go 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 up and down the strings. doesnt have to start at the first fret, but thats where you'll get the most finger excersize
^ yes.
What chords are you trying to play? There aren't any that I can think of that require barring the heavier strings with your pinky.
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^ yes.
What chords are you trying to play? There aren't any that I can think of that require barring the heavier strings with your pinky.

right now, just the intro to 'just like you' by 3dg. but the chords i usually use my pinky for are just like on the same fret like 3
Listen to CKY.
Thumbs up on the chromatic scales, try hammering/pulling off also, a good technique to increase your finger's strength is to bend, even if you need to use a second finger to support the bending finger, or up a size in your string gauge but, I'd stick with bending.
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^ up a string gauge it has worked for me, did it on one of my guitars and when i play the other its so much faster and my bends are easier and alot more precise it has made my playing much better when i play the lower guage strings
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I've been playing chromatic scales on my acoustic. Lots and lots of chromatic scales, plus just third and fourth fret with my ring and pinky finger. It's helping. I have a long way to go but I am seeing results.
well do you generally us your pinky for holding down more than one string like the rest of your fingers? I think its to short for that but then again i could be retarded.
Listen to CKY.

Major Scale de la A. Play it. Then play it again. Then play it again. Then play it again.

I think you get the point lol. You probably recognize this as A major scale if you practice scales any. Here's how you practice: only your pinky is allowed to play the 7th fret. The ring finger plays only 6th fret. The middle finger plays only 5th fret. Index plays 4th fret. This really helps strengthen your pinky and your other fingers, as well as helping you with speed and flexibility.

EDIT: This is just an example by the way. You can slide this up to B major starting on the 7th fret or down to G major on the 3rd fret, which can be quite a stretch. There are plenty of ways to play this, so just move this up or down the fret board.
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