I'm considering building my own guitar sometime soon, and I've decided that I like the Stratocaster body because it's simple, customizable and easy to find. So now I have a few questions:

1. How hard or easy would it be to wire the pickups as in a Mustang with the switches above? Would it work well with two humbuckers and a single-coil (I want a lot of different sounds, so I want completely different pickups)?
2. Would I be able to fit a Kaoss Pad mini into the body as well as these three pickups and a whammy bar? How would it be fit? Would it have to be wired to the pickups, or would I plug it into my pedals and that be that?
3. How hard would it be to fit a Flody Rose or something similar? I'll be building it in a new guitar body, so I won't be taking anything out.
4. Is it true that putting in a type of foil around the pickups helps stop interference/buzzing?

answer to question 3. Although i dont like Floyd Roses, yes you can put them on, normally on an already made strat you have to get the body cut to the right size for it