So I was carelessly bounding around the internets when I came upon this photo of a statue of William Wallace (Mel Gibson) in Scotland that had been repeatedly vandalized so much that they encased it in a cage.

With "FREEDOM" etched into the stone behind metal bars, no less. Lulz?

Anyone else got any disturbingly ironic photos?
Wow, that's horrendously ironic. The cage itself could be construed as vandalism.
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Ouch...How about a little pride from us Scots?

Vandalise the English

Also, is that meant to be Mel Gibson OR William Wallace?
Erm... Are you aware that William Wallace was actually a real person?
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if buy irony you mean lame then yeah thats filled with irony.

Erm, no, I think by "irony," he meant it's ironic.

Which it is.
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The actual William Wallace, for those people who believe he's fictional
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Erm... Are you aware that William Wallace was actually a real person?

Yeah but that's clearly modelled on Mel Gibson and not William Wallace.

Damn travesty if you ask me. That's like replacing the Henry VIII paintings in Hampton Court Palace with mock ups of Ray Winstone.
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