My aunt and uncle are opening a laser tag business and they want some ideas on what to do and set it up

there are 2 floors.

It's supposed to be dark and with alot of neon and stuff

the basement will be scary and called "the dungeon"

not sure about the top floor
it's probably aimed at younger kids but hey it's laser tag

I mentioned gams like CTF and stuff.

any ideas on how thy could set it up or what we could do?
anything could help
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I think when you need to reload or get hit too many times you should hear a voice saying 'Return To Energiser'.
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Well, at laser quest they have strobe lights in some area, and those are epic. Get those. And ramps for transitions between stairs.
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You should put in nades as well; The place I used to go to had little sensor things placed around the room, and whenever you shot it, it like "Killed" everyone within 10 feet.




If theres any business that just sounds like its going to fail, its lasertag
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Loads of bases and secret hiding places and shit \m/
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Theres a game i like to play in laser quest called 'Midnight Madness',they basically pump the room full of disco smoke,turn all the lights off and dont play any music,its amazing :P Its only good though when theres a few people in there...My,my cousin and his friend booked up the whole thing for an hour (just us playing) and we played midnight madness for an hour x) It ****ing ruled.
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Do not do stairs between the floors. Kids falling on stairs = metal = angry parents. I suggest a nice, smooth way between the two, so that even cripples can play.

Oh yeah, and mirrors. Mirrors confuse people.

mirrors would be cool.

Well it's broken up into 2 sections. So there's oine game on one floor and on on the other
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after you die you have to go back to a "base" and wait until it says you can go back out.

and were are you putting it
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Remember that its kids.

Kids dont like to be told how to play their games.
I think one level should be for younger kids and one should be for older.

Definitely cater to birthday parties and things of that nature.
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Make a CenterFlag game too. One flag in the center, mad dash from both sides to the middle to get the flag. Relatively short, and a lot of firing.

At least that's one version of CTF I play in paintball.
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I vote for the following:

While participants are going through the course, a cardboard cut-out suddenly pops out with a shocked face and "DON'T LAZE ME BRO!" on it.

..yes, I know I phail.
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well the stairs will be inactive during matches. unless parents need to go up them or some ****

i was talking about the layout of the arenas

i think like a big open space would be ****ty

but something cool like if you were in a urban area type deal or something
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You should put in nades as well; The place I used to go to had little sensor things placed around the room, and whenever you shot it, it like "Killed" everyone within 10 feet.

I just throw the plastic balls from ball pits at people. Works nicely.
a place around my area called Funtime America has some great lasertag...2 floor setup and great music, went there for a b-day party years ago...fun stuff.
now I'm going to turn my house into a laser tag and break out the BART

anyone remember laser challenge?

I had two mini guns and vests, a BART, and a larger gun not shown in the above link.
fun to play outside

anyways do the following:
Ramps - safer than stairs....
mirrors - great fun making a place look large, but people run into them so get strong ones installed
neons - lots are not always good...make a dark section or two for people to hide while others come along....this is a game similar to hide and seek
smoke machines - they smell bad if you use cheap smoke so be sure to get good ones. Also check to see if your smoke alarms wont be set off with the smoke...the ones mostly used around today wont but the older ones like in schools use a light beam and so the smoke blocks it.....happened in my house so I sold the machine...
Audio - a nice system with good tracks really adds a lot.

Safety - be sure to test it all out and keep safety first in mind...its extremely important these days...don't want to go to court because someone got a small cut or fell down some stairs.....

Permits - you'll need building permits most likely...if unsure, phone the government and find out all the details and let them know exactly what you are doing with this project. You will pay for a permit or so but if done without one and the government finds out they will have you take it all down which is a huge waste of money. Do it right the first time.
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Hell yeah!
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Cool effin decorations. You gotta have awesome props.
Hand out ecstacy at the door and pump loud benny benassi throughout the game. Theres no laser tag like drugged up laser tag.
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The place I go to quite alot has two stories, with 2 ramps, and the top story has a mesh floor, and a sniping balcony, it works pretty well. But if you're going for two different arenas, make one with lots of confusing stuff like mirrors and smoke, and another one very enclosed, with no music, a realistic style one.
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^ wut he said

Strobe lights
Things to hide behind
Ball pit
Slide (a tube one, like water slides without the water)
Maybe one "area" with just bright red lights, so when they step out of the area everything is discoloured
Have Gems which you can shoot to get power-ups like Rapid Fire, Invisibilty (your lights turn off), or mega shot (2x points per hit) for a limited time.

Lazer Web around here has those. very fun.

I love laser tag so much
I do not believe there has been no "Chargin' Ma Lazerz" in this thread.

Try putting ramps on each floor leading up to higher places (not to the next floor) and use those grate thingys one the floor so people can shoot up/down without going up or down the stairs - makes for good sniping. Make sure you make the walls and stuff tall enough that people can't climb on it and potentially hurt themselves/break stuff.

I recommend a soundtrack of epic battle music but make sure it has no words. The sound of a heartbeat is good - as is silence.
Mirrors to bounce the lasers off of

**** tons of balck lights.

**** tons of glow in the dark ****.

Yeah that's all I got.
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Strobe lights = seizures - post a warning...
black lights - keep in mind how hot they get...

what laser tag gun set you planning on using?

they had some sweet ones with backs for battery or something at the place i went to...along with stations you had to shoot into to reload...sweet stuff.