is there any way that i can find some Death Metal Bands or see some kind of list or chart to see all the genres? im trying to find some more bands like Black Label Society, Dethklok, and some others...i saw an episode of Headbanger's Ball on Mtv (dont ask...i was bored.) and i saw an actual chart of all kinds of bands and what category they were in...it was almost a month ago since i seen that show...so i dont know how i will be able to find it now...

email any responses at these addresses since i dont get on the forums that much...

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have you ever heard of a band called dethklok?

can you read?

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i got their new CD and its just what i was looking for! it consists of only 2 guys...one on the drums...and the other does the guitars, vox, and everything else...he even co-created the show "METALOCALYPSE" bad ass if you ask me...i like grunging vox, all nine kinds of hell distortion...and just a bad ass solo in between ya get me?
There is a band called deathklok

Here are some bands I like:

Lamb of God
Children of Bodom
Between the Buried and Me
Norma Jean
Johnny Truant
Gwen Stacy
August Burns Red

thats some for hardcore bands
check out :

Straight reads the line
As i lay dying
The Devil Wears Prada
Killswitch Engage
Enter Shikari
Parkway Drive
Why ME?!?!!
Yeah if you could ever find the cd...its got okay solos from a 2 man band...but after i heard one song from that band...aw man....it was just kick ass after that one!
Melodic Death Metal is where the good stuff is at, check out:

In Flames
Arch Enemy
Children of Bodom
At the Gates
Dark Tranquility

And if you want something a little more br00tal check out some black metal:

Immortal (Too awesome for words, check out the "call of the wintermoon" video)
Dimmu Borgir(People call them sell outs, but I still like 'em)
Satyricon (Suffering form the same problem as Demon Burger)
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